Melissa Fischbach Crown Jewel Friesians and ART


Is our guest Master teacher here at A.R.T, he visits twice yearly from Vienna for a week long workshop in Classical Dressage principles and applications.

DR. Christian Kristen Von Stetten's own website is Below are some photographs from past workshops.

photos Copyright Melissa Fischbach

CKVS Riding "Black Orphues" Friesian Stallion in the beginnings of the Piaffe

"Siglavy Kana" Lippizan gelding Halt

"Teaching from horseback ("Siglavy Kana")


These photographs are from Clinics spanning from 1998-2006 Newest to oldest

"Pause for the horse, work for the rider: questions and answers"

"Helping from the ground: Quieting the seat"

"picking up and adjusting reins"

"Using the outside rein"

"Helping up-close from the ground: Flexions of the jaw under the rider"

"Demonstration and humorous theatricality: How not to "give in the reins"

"Helping from afar from the ground: Riding a line, with focus"


"Explanation: Fork of the seat, lumbar region, sternum...position and attitude"

"discussion..riding a young horse"

"rhythm...feeling footfalls"

"waiting quietly for a stallion to focus"

"Explanation: use of seat"

"sternum...position and attitude"