Melissa Fischbach Forest Heart Farm


Melissa Fischbach In addition to all her venues is an award winning Photographer and artist and has the business Equine Design Graphics. She also has an extensive costume collection as well as beautiful Friesian, Gypsy, and Lipizzan horses. Put it all together and She would like to offer photo shoots in costume on or with her horses to interested parties. You may bring your own costume our use one of ours. People that are competent riders my be photographed on horseback other can be photographed with the horse in hand. You will receive a CD, with a minimum of five photographs, in fine quality resolution. Photographs can be used for your own enjoyment but they cannot be sold, each photo will have a signature and Copyright mark. Prices start at $150.00 a session.

Email for price quote.

Here are some sample photos:

Medieval Horse costume